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Thread: Ymir buff suggestion (No Damage)

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    Ymir buff suggestion (No Damage)

    My buff suggestion is for the only irreversible double-edged ability present in the game, if you hit the ability it provides great positioning for the team, but if you miss it can screw you or the team.

    Ice Wall

    • Frostbite will be applied to enemies that touch the barrier.

    • Detonation: After 1s or after fully formed (animation), the barrier can be detonated by pressing the ability button again. After this, enemies 10~15 units near the barrier (A rectangular targeter will be shown around the fully formed barrier) have Frostbite applied to them.

    This next part I believe is harder to apply, but why not suggest?

    • Enemies Basic Attacks and No-Ultimate Abilities that pass through walls cannot cross the Ymir barrier, or:

    • Enemies Basic Attacks and Abilities that pass through walls have their damage reduced (maybe 50%).
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    I also have an idea for a yimir change!


    Delete him.

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