So I had to log into my PC account because when I attempt to log into my PS4 account I get a script error. I currently have a 30 day booster active. I have 26D remaining on my booster which should give me an additional 25% worshipers on my matches. I had been thinking that I wasn't getting my extra currency (not just worshipers but also favor and XP) for a while. So today I made sure to take note of my match time and reward screen. I was playing a ranked match which should award .3 worshipers per min. My match lasted 62:03 which should land at 23.6 worshipers (I don't know whether the number is rounded up or down). After this I should receive a 25% booster since I have a booster active. I received 22 worshipers, even less than I should have received without the booster. Is this a glitch or is my Math incorrect? My username is Youolme06. I also have a screen shot of the rewards page if it's needed. Thank you for your time