Something I doodled up in my spare time. As a big Discordia fan, I feel she would be a lover of Halloween.

The idea is that her wings would be a silvery spiderweb thing, with a pixie/witch hybrid costume. Of course her stockings would be miss-matched between striped and fishnet. (Fishnet glove is fingerless while other glove is full).

Her 1 would be a grinning jack-o-lantern that she throws forward, exploding into chunks of pumpkin for the spreading out effect.

Her 2 would be small bats circling the heads of those affected by it, perhaps with a cool red glow effect to make it more noticeable.

Her 3 would be a pool of ghosts rising from the ground continuously, similarly to wisp fashion (where they disappear before rising too high up).

Her 4 would be a caramel apple, constantly dripping when held in her hand but normal solid when thrown. Could be a red delicious but I feel like granny smith would be more her type (with the touch of bitterness and all).

I was thinking the overall color scheme could be black with lime green accents (especially the stocking/glove). The jack-o-lantern should be smiling in the direction its thrown, just for the fun of it!

What do you guys think?