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Thread: Limited skins = Sad sigh

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    Limited skins = Sad sigh

    Its quite unfair for any skins to be limited. I have spent a large sum of money im not proud of and have gems leftover that leaves me with 547 god skins. I just happen to have to be gone for schooling/business reasons every time one of those skins come out. There is literally like.....2 skins that are limited that I want...Just the Ares one and uh....sylvanus one I think. Thats a very unfair game to play with players...especially those who want to support. I wish there was a way to earn these if you spend a lot of money....

    PS I tend to gift player skins based off their plays too. So I dont even just use gems on myself either.
    Its very disheartening to know I can miss so many skins...

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    The business practices that HiRez has been exhibiting give me concern. Loot boxes and limited/exclusive skins are meant to do one thing; MAKE YOU SPEND MORE MONEY.

    They are NOT meant to be special. They are not meant to be unique. They are meant to make you spend more money.

    Loot boxes are a toxic, horrible option to offer your customers and it makes me distrust HiRez extremely. I just came back to the game and instantly bought the max amount of gems without a second thought. I'm a single man with a career and a disposable. However, I won't be buying gems again soon because I don't trust HiRez with how their trying to sell me their skins.

    I don't want to be manipulated. And loot boxes and making skins randomly exclusive is exactly that.

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