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Thread: Fixing Nu Wa (without buffing damage)

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    Fixing Nu Wa (without buffing damage)

    Nu Wa has been out of meta for quite some time, and this is mainly due to two things:
    - She has no viable (and consistent) escape so she needs good positioning (which can conflict with the fact that she needs to be close up to deal damage)
    - She relies on super high power builds with high CD to be able to dish out the damage of any other mage (And with stacking and rod both being bad right now, getting a full CDR build sacrifices your ability to hit anywhere near 700 power)

    Now those items will eventually come back into meta, and she already deals a fair amount without them (she just can't finish kills very easily without 700+ power) so I'm suggesting three very easy fixes for Nu Wa that could make her entirely viable again, without even touching her damage or base stats.

    1.) While moving in a straight line, she can only stay in her fog for about 2 seconds before she out-speeds it. I suggest upping the speed of the fog to be equal to Nu Wa's base movement speed + boots +the 10% speed up she gets from being in it. This way she can use it as a more viable escape (like Kukulkan's Slip Stream). Possibly adding a slow immunity or an aoe slow would be nice too (seeing as He Bo, an even more glass-cannon mage has this in his carpet).

    2.) Make the dash range from her minions a little longer (45 -> 50) And up the minion's speed to be slightly faster than Nu Wa's. The problem with her minions are that you have to be so close up to get them to dash correctly, and if the enemy just turns around then they won't be hit by them, making Nu Wa's main source of damage very inconsistent. Many other pets in the game that are essential parts of kits (Kaldr, Argus, Nene Kapa) have movement speeds FAR greater than Nu Wa's minions, even though her minions are the most essential part of her kit.

    3.) Add a tooltip stating very clearly that only damage from the first exploding minion will apply. Yes that's right! Only the damage from 1 minion will count towards your overall damage! This is something that nearly no one in the community knows (which is why you get people maxing Nu Wa's 2 as fast as possible to get the third minion) and it is incredibly hard to see unless you are looking for it in a jungle practice.

    So there are my three simple things that can completely fix Nu Wa, without having to buff her damage, stats, or cc (for the most part). These changes are as essential as the bug fixes on Xing Tian, Ne Zha, and Arthur, and would make her at least usable in the future.

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    Isnt a problem with fog speed that it is related to her wave clear? Faster fog means worse clear.
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    I personally wish they'd reduce the cooldown on her minions and change her 1 entirely. It's a terrible "escape," her 3 clears better than her 1, you can't reliably damage gods with it as it's too easy to avoid / walk out of, and even for initiating it's not that great. Also making it so she's not so many hungry in the early game would be a huge help. I agree with your tooltip idea about the exploding soldiers though; I learned something new today.
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