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Thread: Persephone Resurrection Passive

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    Persephone Resurrection Passive

    So something I've noticed that is just frustrating to play against with Persephone is her resurrection passive to a degree. I love the idea behind it and I've enjoyed using it. That said, it needs some tweaks otherwise she just breaks any enjoyment in some modes (read all except arena).

    There needs to me more limits behind that passive I think. Currently it does 50% reduced damage from her from all sources and she's untargetable and undamagable. That's fine, especially for her lore and kit style. BUT it needs something else to limit it. I say this because she can currently hit anything while in her resurrection state. I just had 5 games in a row where a resurrected persephone just took my tower, and then later on my titan, despite a successful defense. She needs to be able to be cc'd at the very least OR take away her ability to do damage to Objectives (Towers, Titans, Jungle Bosses etc). Something needs to change here or she's going to become the epitome of antifun to play against.

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    She needs tweaks. As someone who plays her, she needs to be more visible when she's in her undeath passive. No nameplate makes this a HUGE issue for not being able to tell if an enemy got enough pomegranate seeds.
    Also make it more clear that you're in undeath mode, too. There are a lot of times that if I die, I'll forget her passive exists or that I have enough seeds to enact the passive.

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