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Thread: Persephone

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    1.) Stage 1 seeds 90% of time do not heal when harvested
    2.) The passive on her leap which makes the next seed planted's buff will stay on your buffs bar even after it's used.
    3.) Model looks.... incomplete, especially since she appears to be missing the eye makeup present in her portrait. Ik it's not that big, but when on selection screen it's noticeable.

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    I've been preparing to master her, in jg practice. I consider a good build capable of soloing the FG (though jg fg is weak af) Her kit wont seem to proc and wreck it, like I can with any other hunter/mage but no problem on fury. burst mage, full cdr, obs shard and bang/soul yet poof dead before halfway. Seems to me her kit is fixated on laning, in essence useless against an objective like FG. I'm guess cuz FG does / has magic/phys def/attack.
    I watched the reveal and her kit seems simple enough but perhaps a better objective playstyle would be appreciated, any one know a good "how to" vid for her?

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