Okay so I'm a huge fan of Isis since I played, and I love her kit and I love her mythological lore, however, her appearance, and her skins, and her overall voice pack lacks stuff.


New Remodel - Yes, we need a new remodel, keep the wings, keep the amulet halo behind her, and the staff, but please remodel her to better textures, and better body apperance, and also, why is she white? She's suppose to be egyptian (there's no white egyptians as far as I know.) so make her darker skinned please.
Also don't give her a thigh high skirt aswell, that's not what a queen wore back in those times, so I dunno who the heck designed her, but that's just not it.

New Mastery Skins - This is obviously needed aswell if you think about getting a new remodel, make the gold more shimmering and the blue texture more lighter aswell, I'm sure Hirez can fix this easily.


Isis is lacking good skins, the scarlet coven one lacks an original voice pack, and the texture on it is veeeery...gross looking, I hope Hirez can take their time to update this skin.

And when I'm talking about good skins, I'm talking about giving Isis an angel skin, a kawaii skin, or even a demonic one.
Cyberpunk skin would be AMAZING for isis with metal wings, and such.


So Isis is one of the very old gods in the list that hasn't been tampered too much, her voice lines (such as aphrodite) is VERY quiet and low, whilst Cernobog and Olorun has their voice lines being heard from accross the battle field, Hirez please fix Aphrodite's and Isis's voice pack, they are too low for anyone to hear. (and i'm talking about the taunts and jokes now, not the voice pack itself.)

So basically, Isis needs NEW EVERYTHING, except for her kit and such, that's all fine, but she needs a massive skin overhaul and fixing please.