A reward that can only be acquired once on the premium track of a battlepass. Reward level 50, for example, which in the current pass is a 2x skin booster.

This coupon can be used on purchasing a chest to allow the player to choose which reward they want from the chest, thereby eliminating the RNG aspect.

Why? Well, I've got a boatload of skins I would love to pay Hi-Rez for, but sadly, all of them are unavailable and it seems none of them can show up in the daily deal. Cosmic Power Anubis, Galactic Void Chernobog, Spellbound Chang'e, and more. Now Beaky Chibi is in one of the chests, and I do want that skin, but there's also 72 other items that I do not want in that chest.

Basically, it just frustrates me that it's been made so difficult to actually buy skins that I am suggesting a very tiny alleviation of that: A once-per-battlepass coupon to allow you to directly buy a skin currently in a chest.