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Thread: Mail of Renewal buff

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    Mail of Renewal buff

    Mail of Renewal was a very popular item long time ago when it was buffed to 20% regeneration, but returned to limbo when it dropped to 15%. It is still a useful item, but faces strong competition in all character builds thanks to other HP items with more attractive features (especially by Gauntlet of Thebes and Blackthorn Hammer). Therefore it could receive the following changes:

    • Remove +10 HP5
    • Add 20% Crowd Control Reduction
    • Health and Mana gain will occur every 0.5s for 5s as a tick
    • Passive is no longer refreshed
    • Healing is no longer affected by healing reduction.

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    Could be interesting. The HP5 is a tricky thing though since it sits on the previous item as well including the first item so the entire tree would have to be reworked if they did that. The change in tick rate I could see being useful and detrimental in certain situations with relics and some antihealing effects. It would also become extremely OP if it was a health and mana restore instead of a healing effect, especially with how much it would actually restore, so the levels would have to be brought down, especially if you don't want it to refresh, but rather stack itself, making it useful only in objective and teamfight spree's where multiple things get done within a short amount of time. Or put a cooldown on it with a higher level. The only other effect that acts semi like this is Scarabs Blessing which restores health and doesn't heal and late game it can be super frustrating to actually play against since it can't be countered in any decent fashion.

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