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Thread: Add movement speed cap

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    Add movement speed cap

    We have an attk speed cap, but can we put in a movement speed cap as well.

    Getting really tired as a mage main of literally not being able to catch someone who built relic dagger/bumba/talaria/3 other movement items depending on their class. Just faced an ama who was using her aura to cross the entire width of the arena map within 2.5 seconds coz that's how broke her mvmt speed was, and you always had to save beads for her ult coz there was no way in hell you were going to escape it.

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    There is a soft cap. It stops being effective to stack it after 75% increase I believe. And that soft cap becomes so inflicted with diminishing returns, it caps at about 753 MS.

    Edit: After the match I just had I know what you mean, it was impossible to catch her and I had a Merc on my team doing the MS build too
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