If you're here for my question about regions, skip to the penultimate paragraph. You're welcome.
In the meanwhile I'll try to give a short description of my situation.

I've recently moved to Australia from EU. At first glance the smite community here was absolutely dead.
Every queue was unsuccessful as I couldn't find any games.

One day I decided to stay in the queue to see if it was actually possible to find games here. It appears that there's a small community, of I'd say between 15-19 players, playing every evening between about 7pm and 11-11.30pm which was a most welcomed surprise.

However if you just ended a game, and don't get invited to the next one you'll end up waiting for the next wave (the 10 lucky players who got invited to the current game) as there are not enough to run two conquest games at the time (or so it would appear to me. Would be cool to see statistics on how many players are actually playing in Aus and what they're playing).

Which brings me to my question:
Why isn't there an option to queue in multiple regions? Heck, even multiple game modes? I love playing Smite, but waiting around for 20-30 min isn't that appealing to me. I'd rather play with 150 ping than not play at all. I know you can go to play on US servers but when the ping starts getting close to 300, dodging attacks becomes a LOT more challenging.

Fortunately I'm moving back to the EU region in just a few months, though I'd like to see Smite continue to grow (if it is in fact still growing?) and was hoping for some comments or feedback.