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    Odin Buff/Rework

    Hello Hi-Rez,

    My name is Joseph, and I've been playing Smite since the beta of the game. I quickly learned which God was going to be my favorite, and I had been playing Odin ever since. I am proud to say that I am a 7 Star Diamond rank with Odin. As of the recent few patches, Odin had received a pretty bad nerf to his abilities, considering that his Ult is less effective than it was before, his Ult is fairly below average, considering that half the Gods can just use their escape ability to get out of the ring, or just buy the Relic that allows you and the whole team within range to walk through his rings, or the other half are just unaffected by it because they have higher attack speed and/or Damage/Defense than Odin, which trying to go toe to toe with one of these gods would cause him to still die. His Ult doesnt really protect Odin anymore, and the nerf he had recently received because of "Trapping an enemy in the ring so that the whole team can throw in their abilities seemed to be too powerful" is contradicting to the point that the other team can also throw abilities in his ring as well, so it doesn't really matter, all the ring is at this point is just a very light Crowd Control.

    I would also like to point out that Odins 1, 2, Combo, where he uses his bird bomb, Is a good damaging attack, but thats the only thing odin can use, to close in the distance to deal ANY damage, because his early game, he is too squishy to take any damage. He will die quickly. once he uses the bird bomb, he has no way to retreat, due to too many gods having CC abilities, and Status ailments, which will either slow his movement speed, attack speed, or completely disables his abilities altogether. Odin also doesnt have great clearing abilities for the minions, without using his Jump, which will again make him vulnerable to getting CC'd by the enemy team. I find myself dying way too often, just to deal some damage to the enemy.

    May I suggest a few options for making odin better. You can utilize all these changes, or just 1 or none, you are the developers of the game, and I respect your decisions, but please try to look at it in the shoes of someone who mains Odin, and really frustrated recently on how he plays. He has Been considered as one of the worst God's in the game for a while, and it should only be right to reevaluate him, specially because he is a original Character.

    1. Instead of making his Raven shout explode on command with his jump, Why not switch it to his 3rd ability, so he will still have a chance to at least escape with his jump and still be able to do great damage.

    2. Allow Odin to start off the match with more Defense And/or Mana, His Mana Depletes way too quickly, or allow his passive to Give Odin extra Mana or Health per stack along with the Attack Power

    3. Give his Raven Shout the abilitiy to lifesteal a certain percentage from the damage inflicted upon the enemy.

    4. For his 3rd ability, Gungnir's Might, instead of it just slowing the enemy down, allow it to also disable the enemies abilities as well during the duration

    5. Give his Ult something that gives him more of a advantage when he sets his ring down when facing off against the enemy, that's the whole point of a ultimate, its supposed to be his best ability, but it ends up being the worst Odin has, and I'd even say probably one of the worst ultimates in the game. Maybe consider Giving his ult bonus damage to all allied gods abilities? Or possibly give him Damage Mitigation of 50% of the damage that the other team throws into the ring? Or even possibly Lifesteal to all damage done onto the gods trapped inside the rings dealt by Odin only... His ult doesnt give him nearly enough protection as of currently.

    I feel like this is a good and fair analysis of the god, and I think the corrections would make him wonderful to play again, not just for me, but for so many others. Please send this to the correct department or team inorder to see this through. Let me know what you guys think too, that would be much appreciated.

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