Id like to say start off by saying how much I love the game of smite. Its one of my favorite games, and I didn't think as a beta tester to be honest would stand the test of time, due to the player base when it first started being so unfamiliar with MOBA's(I was coming from LOL and played Dota from warcraft). But has grown to be my most played game. I have over 3k hours played, I main adc, last split over 500 games played alone. I will be talking mostly about ranked conquest because I don't really play casuals. I'm not making many suggestions, because I don't have all the answers sway, just feedback from my experience with the game.


I've seen a lot of threads about Que timers, and my opinion on it is simple. For ranked, i'd rather wait for the right balanced team, then to be thrown in a match because it was rushed. If someone is playing ranked, then they should also be willing to wait. Or play casuals if your short on time. With that being said, you guys implemented a amazing feature, that allows you to pick a role before you Que. Then instead of letting it be amazing. You stuff people into matches playing roles they don't know how to play or don't wanna play. I'd also like to see 5 man ques for ranked, as i'm sure a lot of people would, even it was its own rank.

The MMR system is not working, the players know it, and i'm sure the staff have to know it as well. Just because someone has 1500 MMR that doesn't mean they play better or worse. Lets call it what it really is, W/L ratio. But a team can lose because of one bad player, or a rage quiter, or even a simple dc, so how does a W/L ratio really measure a single players skill on a team? I can out perform adc after adc, but if my mid has same MMR as me but loses us the game, I get the penalty as well, and will be drug down to play with even worse players(ELO HELL or hard stuck in a rank). Especially if your top MMR, losing 50 MMR at a time is pretty hard to recover from, but the player base for the game, let alone ranked has dipped harder then ever, the matchmaking just throwing whoever it can into a game. My Account level is 130+, I had someone on my team who was level 40 and wasn't a smurf(he wasn't awful either, just lack of experience and it showed to everyone on our team).I just got matched with Incon the other day, there is a video to prove, and now after reset, i'm playing with bronze players, who without a god pack, couldn't even unlock half the gods in game?

Reports really don't do enough. I'm not talking bout harassment either or someone who got out played, there is mute and block button for a reason and people will lose it happens. I'm talking about people who afk because their team don't wanna surrender, or feed on purpose going 1/8 then leave the game. Call it trolling, or throwing, we need a better way to prove and show, so they can't play ranked or suspended or something to weed them out(player performance not W/L would probably fix that). Also if someone blocks someone, probably shouldn't put them on the same team(game after game), if I blocked them, they might just continue to "troll" and surely cant communicate with them, already putting your team at a disadvantage.

This one is hard to tackle, but along time ago, you had to buy your relics. No free beads, no aegis, you got caught out you died. Problem was no one bought them(if you were smart ). Now they are free, you just have to upgrade them, which I think added a lot more strategy to the game(Good job HIREZ). But now we have a new problem, no one is warding. Chalice of oracles is a amazing item, 400 gold, ill place 30 wards by the end of the game no problem. But players still across the board don't know when to buy it(right after boots). Health pots and healing chalice shouldn't stack either, that is way to much healing for any god to punch through, especially early levels 1-5. The reason I bring up relics past, is because I think chalices should be like how relics are now. You pick one its free and your stuck with it till the end. Power pots should be auto consumed, that way people will ward more, like I said I really don't have all the answers, but making them free like LOL did, will definitely help players preform better. I see a lot of people getting ganked, and blame their jg, but when you look, they placed zero wards. Only other thing about relics is aegis and thorns. Aegis should last longer but cant move or shorter. Avoiding a Poseidon ult is one thing, but the use it half way down the lane, buying time for dash, blink, team to help, or even making it back to tower, just rewards over extending and playing outta position. Thorns on the other hand is the most broken relic in game by far, its basically aegis, curse combined, and nem, verse a adc and there is no counter to it allowing front liners and even some junglers to attack you, but you cant do anything but try to run way away from the gods who are all much faster and cc heavy.

This is one that I felt from the start even back in beta. The ability to lose 20 kills ahead of the enemy team, due to the fact of one wipe, late game isn't competitive, its spoon feeding the community. Its like saying player risky early, if you die thats okay because you only have to kill a player one time who has dominated their lane, got gold fury's and fire giants their team dropped the towers, and you will be caught up no problem. So why even go for the objectives, if you can just keep diving the enemy and eventually get lucky with a trade. I feel like thats why alot of hard core MOBA players from LOL and DOTA never came to smite. Was just to casual in that regard. Having enemy pushed under phoenix and your team with fire should be gg, but if they have kuku or Poseidon or Zeus, you probably just get wiped, and then you lost. That type of game play is reward far to much in smite.

Ban phase seen a increase of 2 extra bans this split,(finally most of us agree). But again HIREZ you second guess your self, and buff like 6 gods, making the new 2 extra bans kinda pointless.

Well thats about all the topics I feel strongly are effecting the game severely. I've been monitoring the games populations via steam for over a year, and we lost a significant amount of players according to steam. Its really sad actually, for a game I watched for so long, slowly die instead of innovating the way its played. Smite players are no longer unaware of what a MOBA is, but still never pushed to the level of DOTA, with rewarded for risky play, yet not punished when you fail at them, and then punished when you do everything right and get ahead. With paragon coming out soon, I believe with in a year, if smite doesn't turn things around, it wont make it much longer. Thanks for reading, and the pleasure of playing your game.