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Thread: Something I've noticed...

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    Exclamation Something I've noticed...

    Now I've been playing SMITE for the longest talking like mid season 2 and even bits of the beta and I play on multiple platforms PC and console specifically PS4 (I've also tried switch) but what I've noticed is that for PS4 the community is seeming becoming more and more toxic and I understand toxicity is in every game just "mute" and go on with your life and it isn't HiRez's job or Titan's job to baby sit but all and all what I've been noticing is just a lack of effort.

    It seems nobody cares and this is a sinking ship just look at the forums state it seems like it hasn't been updated in years and I feel as if nobody even moderates it. Now I digress maybe there is moderation but just slow responding and I'm not here to bash the forum I'm just here to bring things to attention and spark a discussion on what's going down and just ask generally what's happening to this community.

    Again I've played on PC and Switch from my experience it wasn't bad or anything was tame normal and fine but for PS4 it was pretty much LoL all over again every match people bashing each other for god picks in casual, builds they don't agree with or overall small nit picks in performance and well... again this is giving me LoL flashbacks with even Overwatch flashbacks where people are 100% more than likely going to RQ and AFK in fountain over the most trivial things and so you already know what I'm on about but why is it like this and why is it so... heavy I guess you could say for PS4?

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    PC is just as bad; while it might not pop up as much in casuals as long as your K/D/A isn't too bad it's a rare day when I can play a ranked match without having to report a teammate for harassment. I recently submitted a detailed report to hi-rez about a particular incident where I was getting falsely reported for not being able to make my teammates immortal as a healer, and hi-rez's response was basically just that hi-rez human reviews all ban decisions so I shouldn't need to worry about the reports despite the fact the game literally warned me I could be banned for more. But I was more concerned about getting the offending parties punished for being harassing and toxic (and stated that in the report) but Hi-rez didn't even mention it. No "I'm sorry that happened to you" no "we'll make sure the players receive the appropriate punishment" no "hi-rez doesn't tolerate that kind of behavior"'s like they don't care as long as they buy gems. And then people wonder why the player base keeps declining...nobody is going to stay if they keep getting treated like this.
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    What is even more sad, and i am on PC is the sometime people write racist, insulting stuff and HiRez does not bother doing anything about that. In reality it's kind of pointless because if they ban them they just create a new account since there is no such thing as a VAC /IP ban for Smite.

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