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Thread: Zhong Kui Is Just TOO Powerful

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    Zhong Kui Is Just TOO Powerful

    Well to start off his damage is pretty high. For a mage having high damage is reasonable, but the with the amount he can do with his combo is ridiculous. The Exorcism ability does 75/125/175/225/275 which is already pretty high but it also does +50% of your magical power. Comparing these stats to other mages like Zeus or Posiden, neither of them have numbers nearly as high.(Zeus most damaging ability:60/105/150/195/240 Posiden:100/140/180/220/260). Not only does this ability have crazy amounts of damage that already out damages other mages, but it also heals and does additional damage if used after the Expose Evil ability which does 20/30/40/50/60 and applies a 20% slow. Using the two abilities together does the initial damage (which is already really high compared to other mages) but also 75% of the first ability's damage.
    So aside from doing major damage even for a mage, he also receives a big heal from the Exorcism ability 20/35/50/65/80 +20% of your magical power. This heal allows him to shrug off any amount of burst or sustained damage as if it were nothing. Having this heal allows him to walk into the fountain of a joust match and squad wipe and walk out without consequence. However, this may also be a cause of the amount of protections he receives from his passive.
    Not only does Zhong Kui have a bunch of damage and enough healing to tank any amount of damage, he also has a high health bar than any other mage in the game, in fact his max health is 2150 (+85) For reference Cu Chulain has a max health of 2180(+85) and Nike has 2140 (+85).


    My main concern is the amount of effort it takes to stop a Zhong Kui and how unfair any fight with him is. The Exorcism ability gives him too much sustain and deals too much damage allowing him to do plays no other god in the game could do. I've even had matches where an entire team was under tower and a single Zhong Kui dove tower and killed everyone and walked away with full health. This has been a problem for far too long, I had hoped it would be fixed quickly and I still hope that it will. SO PLEASE FIX. He Is NOT BALANCED!!
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    Zhong is top tier for sure but I hate to see him nerfed cause he is a unique hybrid, mage/tank/teamfight/initiator. He is not that strong that he can take a nerf and not fall off hard.

    He has his disadvantages. No movement, short range. He can be kited easily.

    %pen and slows and you just wear him down from range.
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    Zhong is limited in the fact that:
    You can easily see him coming
    His damage/heal is all close-range
    Antiheal/Spear of Magus/Soul Reaver or Qin's if he's stacking Warlocks pretty much invalidates his existence. He also doesn't have full CC immunity (only immune to Knockups in ult) so also take that in mind.
    Position yourself and anticipate his engaging if he has Blink and you will have a much easier time predicting his actions.
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