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Thread: Fail Not Passive Bug/Passive Feedback

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    Fail Not Passive Bug/Passive Feedback

    Went into jungle practice as AMC to test new item and after using Stinger I noticed the passive went on cooldown but I didn't visually see the passive icon proc at the bottom nor did I see my crit chance increase by 15% once Fail not went on cooldown. I've noticed the trigger of the passives is not consistent also on arondight. I would suggest changing how the passives proc on the new items because they don't always seem to work when they's also very frustrating that not all gods benefit from the passives due to the fact that your ult has to finish and go on cooldown before it procs. So Set can't get the most of arondight nor pridwen which is a bummer. It doesn't make sense for the passives to proc on using ult and then go on a 45 second cooldown which is quicker then every ult in the game. They need a different trigger in my opinion.
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