Hi. After getting ~30 fails in a row within 2-3 days i have uninstalled Smite for bad matchmaking quality, when all my newbie 1-10 lvl teammates had 0 kills accross all matches (i'm playing solo) and constant retreat isn't interesting against pro premade teams with 130-160 acc levels.
But now now after a year i'm back to give Smite one more chance. And an old problem with some bad servers still exists. ~5% of servers has constant 2x ping for me, seems like those are based on NA, meanwhile i'm playing only in EU from the east of east europe and 200 ping servers makes me useless. I've tried to report every bad server since 2016, but seems like it's pointless, they are still exists and i'm forced to waste ~30 min with F7 people without any fan. Hope HiRez will pay a bit more attention on it.