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Thread: Nerf mages in solo lane....

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    Nerf mages in solo lane....

    So god damn tired of facing mages in solo lane as a melee... They have instant clear after level 2... you cant engage them they just sit under their tower and poke you or dance around and have their minions kill you...

    You can't engage a wave again poke or they minions kill you since they have cleared them in 2 abilities.

    NERF ALL MAGE DAMAGE IN THE SOLO LANE 50 percent the first 10 min of the game... There needs to be a damn punishment for doing this crap

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    The punishment comes in the late game, where the loss of a tank/initiator is going to hurt their team fight potential. So it's likely your team with be up against 4 squishies (with their only tank being their support) meaning your team should be able to wreck them once things get to the team fight stage. While they can try and compensate for this by having a warrior/guardian jungle or using a tankier mage like zhong or hades,in my experience most teams don't.
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    Hard push the first/second wave and grab the Totem, chances are an early mage can't fight an early warrior/assassin.
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