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Thread: Can we delete arthurian items pls? or at least limite them to event of the day?

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    Thumbs up Can we delete arthurian items pls? or at least limite them to event of the day?

    The arthurian items are just a mistake, they are totally broken, its almost an april fools joke, they give you stupid stats and stupid passives, the meta its cancer right now, with stupid shit like arthur (who stills top ban and isnt nerfed) and all kind of tanks, literally every single fucking warrior and guardian can build defense, hp and gg, they are inmortals, but also, they can beat 1v1 the guys that "supose to do damage" but anyway a tank full defense does more damage than a character that its about damage.

    Instead of this stupid and no sense idea, what about do an item that does HP damage with skills? the basic guys got the quiin sais and they mages got the soul reaver, and both got the obsidian and titans bane to the defense, but gods that works with skills, like bastet, hun batz, etc they cant build anything against defense and this is a problem, cuz in gamemodes like joust, siege, clash, the tanks just build 1 single hp item and done, they are inmortals, you cant do any damage, you need to reach late and get tons of damage, cuz they are literally inmortals, there is no way of damage guys with hp in early, and thats a problem, cuz btw the towers in joust and clash are fucking toys, in joust a guardian or warrior can build 1 hp item and dive you, at minute fucking 5,if you scape with low hp its like "yay i will run under my tower, now im save" NOPE the guy dives you by 3 seconds, the other 2 guys kill you and he doesnt even lose half of the hp, so now you think "ok i need to be under tower" but nope, cuz they dive, burst and get out alive, beacuse yeah there are some gods like zeus that with boots or bancroft they oneshoot you, funny cuz hirez buffed him cuz "his early burst is bad" yeah now zeus can oneshot you at minute 7-8 on a jous or clash game.

    so yeah, idk if you guys just play and think on ranked conquest, but the casual guys that we are in joust and clash and the other casual modes, we know something else than be vs masters were all play safe and think before do all, so pls, even the fucking mask got a lot of nerf, they are risky, this items are now core cuz they are stupidly broken.

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    Staff/Shield are too strong, Fail-Not is fine, and Adrondenite is too awkward to fit into builds between either the stats or the god's ultimate. The only one with overpowered stats is the Shield.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Goobis View Post
    Christ in heaven Magic, it's A R O N D I G H T.

    Pridwen with dual protections and 20% CDR for only 2400 is the real problem here.
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