Joust its a nightmare already, its even a meme and in my personal experience the problem its the duoQ´s, i been already in a lot of teams with duoQ´s that went 1-9, 1-7, even 1-12, like srsly, both of them are feeders as fuck, but the worst of this is if you say something like "hey guys can stop feeding pls?" and the guys 1-7 and 1-9 go like "STFU ITS JUST MINUTE 5 JESUS FUCKING CHRIST GOD SO TOXIC LOL SO BAD LOL SO MAD LOL YOU SUCK LOL YOURE BAD LOL YOURE A SHIT LOL STFU SO TOXIC" And its like "guys i just asked to stop feeding, we are 2-18 in the global score and 16 of that kills of the enemy are just from you 2, and the 2 kills of us are mine, so, can you guys stop feeding? "FUCK JUST THE FUCK UP YOURE BAD YOURE SO TOXIC NAH FUCK THIS IM NOT PLAYING WITH THIS TOXIC GUY" and the other guy "YEAH FUCK THIS GUY" then both go afk, so you try to save the match alone 1v3 guys feed af, they kill you obsly and then "YOU ROCK YOU ROCK YOU ROCK" and when the VG bans them to stop spaming they go to the chat "WOW YOURE SO GOOD WOW YOU ROCK WOW YOURE THE GUY FEEDING NOW" and its like "ok lets surrender" then they dont surrender, but they still afk, so you need to wait until the enemy wants to end, but then the enemy team its toxic too so they just laught and extend more and more the match, after 30 minutes of your life wasted you ask "hey guys can you report my duoQ?" the enemy team is like "GG EZ STUPID NOOOBS YOU GUYS SUX OH GOD THAT WAS SO FUCKING EZ EZ EZ EZ EZ EZ EZ EZ" and laughts at the titan and global emotes and its like "i had 2 feeders trolls afk" and the enemy team "EZ EZ EZ EZ EZ VGL VGL VGL VGL" and then "so you guys will report them?" "HAHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH NO THEY DID IT FINE, THE DIDNT NOTHING BAD THEY TRIED YOU CANT REPORT CUZ SOMEONE ITS BAD" and then "but they went afk... and they tried to do 1v3 all the match" but then the duoQ "HEY GUYS REPORT THIS FUCKER HE CALLED US FEEDERS AND WAS PRETTY TOXIC" and the enemy team "YEAH NP MATE" and then youre the guy reported and at some point banned (true personal history) so yeah, thats Joust in a nutshell, can we get a soloQ so i dont need to play 1v5? or i should just quit joust forever?