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Thread: A buff to Emperors Armor (for certain gods)

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    A buff to Emperors Armor (for certain gods)

    One of the most untouched Armors in the entire game is Emperor's Armor.

    On paper it looks like a neat piece of gear that could be useful... then you realize most of the game is spent playing in the jungle, lane, or anywhere a tower has been destroyed or is not.

    While I have done some sneaky things like using fenrir to bring a new chew toy to the firing range, it's still not a great strategy and pretty useless item.

    What if gods with summons could apply the 40% attack speed benefit to their constructs/minion? One's im refering to are:
    Nu Wa
    Sun Wu Kong

    Even Ah Muzen Cob - Healing could trigger 40% faster when he's by a hive

    Pretty much all of them except for:
    Skadi - Her wolf gets a portion of her attack speed already
    Set - His minions can not be damaged.

    I thought about this while playing around with Hera in Jungle Practice, was a little bummed her ultimate is pretty much a rent-a-tank, really wanted to make a Battle Argus. The Emperor's Armor could even be useful if it worked on Allied/Enemy Siege Monsters in Siege Mode.

    It's really one of the most underused in armors in game and this would make it a more viable option to use, at least for these heroes. Just change the text to:

    AURA - Damageable enemy structures & constructs within 55 units have their Attack Speed decreased by 30%.
    Damageable allied structures & constructs within 55 units have their Attack Speed increased by 40%.

    And when you see ability in the God detail that can gain an effect from the new improved armor it's type would be "construct" instead say Pet or Ground target.

    Personally I like the idea (duh I made the topic) and really the only thing I'm on the fence about is Skadi. It would be cool if her wolf got the maybe 40% more of the 50% attack speed. Like whatever Skadi's wolf speed is it gets 40% of that added to it, but it seemed a little OP in her case if it made it have 90% of attack speed. However if the Emperors Armor could debuff him I wouldnt be opposed to the idea.

    Not only would it be a great buff for people using summons, but it could be a great defense if your a player who struggles against Bastet and her cats in game.

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    So completely breaking the early game on certain gods (ESPECIALLY Bastet who is early to mid-game) and letting Nuwa push a tower with the same efficiency that a midgame ADC has in the early game? No thanks.

    All the other examples you listed don't need this either. Vulcan's turret functions as zoning/ward and already gets increased damage to targets marked with his 1 (and ignores 25% protections too) and Baka's minions are more or less there for a quick heal (Not sure if they count as minions and inherently decrease structure protections). It is also redundant on SWK and Kuzenbo whose minions aren't very strong.

    Last but not least can we not buff Hera when Argus is already strong? And yeah, giving Skadi a free 40% AS for Kaldr on 2000 gold is lunacy.
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