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Thread: Can you make Steam's toolbar shortcut point to the 32bit version?

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    Can you make Steam's toolbar shortcut point to the 32bit version?

    I've given the 64bit version too many chances, but the game never fails to screw up. Infinite map loading to where I have to force close, alt-tabbing and not able to get back in, forcing me to force close...not like this game really needs a 64 bit version I guess. Is there anyway that when you right click the Steam icon in your windows toolbar, launching Smite from there will load the 32bit version instead? I tried replacing the 3 executable files in the win64 folder with the 3 in the win32 folder, but no go. Perhaps there's a launch option parameter that forces 32bit?

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    Click on "add a non-steam games to my library" and choose the 32-bit smite exe file

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