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Thread: Win and loss percentage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Firellius View Post
    An unranked matchmaking system shouldn't do this, because it very badly hinders enjoyable gameplay. As the matchmaker tries to eliminate the player from the game, it strongly encourages people to not try at all, as that will actually increase their chances of winning, while trying their utmost decreases them.

    It's the worst garbage anyone could ever invent to be put to use outside of extremely hardcore ranked environments. It just creates insanely frustrating gameplay and encourages throwing matches.
    + 9999

    I did 2 threads long ago about matchmaking, because i was {@~#|!!! by the matchmaker, i took example of the last match i had, level 120ish, solo queue, matched with people level 30 to 60 with MMR 300 to 400 lower than mine, VS a team of 2 and 3 premade level 130+ with 2 diamonds and 3 players my level/MMR. Answer was : "the matchmaker expect you to carry because you have 3K games in this mode and a good rating"... srsly ???
    But well i'm still here, i play only full premade and ranked, otherwise i go play something else, so i don't suffer that much from this shame they call matchmaker. No wonder why there are so many smurf in smite, when one gets better and higher level one expect to meet and play with better people, have more challenge, not end up in crappy games where the tank take a breastplate of valor first item VS a full magical team, or others things like that...

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    I can confirm this at least a little bit.

    Minions aren't harder to kill or anything however, matchmaking is rigged to make you lose; especially if you solo Q.

    If you run in a team, matchmaking can't really do anything to you.

    If you solo Q, you often get put with REALLY bad players. I'm talking Warriors building crit, players not building pen, no boots ect. And when I check, they are like level 60.

    Meanwhile our opponents are in a 3 and/or 2 man stack.

    You just can't win like that. Not in this game.

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    I find it hilarious that the “the game is trying to enforce 50/50 W/L rate” myth keeps being propagated.

    It’s not really rocket science: The matchmaker is trying to match you with others of similar MMR, hence, as long as it finds others with appropriate MMR, you will end up with a 50/50 ratio over time.

    It’s of course possible to go way past 50/50 either way if you’re either just generally among the better players and/or play with others who you are also good at the game and adept at teamwork, as in such cases the matchmaker will often be forced to match you against others who aren’t equal in MMR, and then you end up with a deviation from the 50/50 over a long time.

    The vast majority of players won’t be that “good” though, and thus you get matched with others of similar MMR, which over time lead to a win/loss ratio of around 50/50 as you (over time) are generally evenly matched.

    It may be a bit rude to say it like this, but that “minions are harder to kill” and “the game will cut your damage output and increase the damage you take” sounds like top notch conspiracy theories.

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