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Thread: Loki in ranked conquest

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    Loki in ranked conquest

    Anyone else being harassed, reported and banned for simply playing Loki in ranked?

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    You're not gonna get banned for playing a shit god.
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    Well, i think that's mostly depending if you succeed or not.
    I mean : yesterday i met a "loki mid dw i rulez gg", didn't even upped his decoy to clear waves, he fed, was underlevel, and we basically ended 4v5 without a mage.
    So i think it's like every other god, if you go ranked you're supposed to know what you do, otherwise people will get angry, because the game revolve around teamplay and one's errors will snowball problems for the whole team, ruining the match for the 4 others in the team.
    If you're doing your job correctly but still have morons harrassing you for no reason, well you'll have to wait to reach higher rank to avoid the most toxics people, the ragers/harrassers/flamers/leavers get less commons from G1 approx, the hard part is to reach that part, as we only rely on luck given the matchmaker is crap and there is no system to rate people at the end of match in smite that could be taken in acocunt by the MM.
    Anyway, solution is and will always be : the mute. When one begin to argue and blame others rather than just doing his best, we all know we can just mute him, otherwise he'll destroy the whole team. I got reported once because i muted a scylla mid that was harrassing our jungler and spamming VGS/pings, later in game she began to blame me and as i didn't see anything i haven't answered, other people then followed her to blame me and report, as we lost (i play supp anyway, there is not much i can do to help a scylla mid that is 0/5 at 7 minutes while my lane is already camped by the enemy jungler, my role is to protect my carry first early game ...).
    But well there is a sentence we often use in my country : "if we painted stupid people in red, the world would be a field of poppies", don't lose time on them, just go forward

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