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    Mid-Season Update Notes

    Mid-Season Update Notes
    Season 6 Update Notes


    Sweetie Pie Sol
    Exclusive | Sweet Victory Battle Pass

    Power-Up Hera
    Exclusive | Sweet Victory Battle Pass

    Fun-pocalypse Xbalanque
    Exclusive | Sweet Victory Battle Pass

    Sweet Justice Nemesis
    Exclusive | Sweet Victory Battle Pass

    Rematch Hera
    Limited | Sweet Victory Battle Pass: Prestige Reward

    Great Tengu Cernunnos
    Exclusive | Great Tengu Chest

    Snow Strix Ra
    Standard | Battle for Olympus #8

    Infantree Sylvanus
    Exclusive | Battleworn Chest

    Molten Shogun Erlang Shen
    Standard | Battle for Olympus #8

    Zappy Chibi Zeus
    Standard | Battle for Olympus #7

    Spirit Sun Hou Yi
    Standard | Battle for Olympus #7
    July 23

    Sweet Victory Battle Pass

    July 30

    Battle for Olympus #7

    August 2

    Great Tengu Chest

    August 6

    Battleworn Chest

    August 13

    Battle for Olympus #8


    • Added a HUD Minimap Indicator to show which team owns the Pyromancer Buff and time remaining

    Battle Pass

    • Battle Passes now have a Prestige Track!
    • Completing the Prestige Pass will reward an alternate color version of the Power-Up Hera Skin.
    • After the Battle Pass is completed, players will reset to level 1 on the new Prestige Track
    • Level will get easier again, as if you were starting the Battle Pass over
    • Free players can earn Prestige Pass progress as well
    • The usual Free and Premium tracks have not had any changes to their XP requirements or pricing, and rewards are generally in the same places as previous passes

    Console Lobby Chat

    • Added a new shortcut to input custom message text
    • This uses the same button combo as in-match custom chat, by pressing RB after initiating lobby VGS
    • Relocated “I’ll pick assassin / I’ll pick jungle” from RB to LB to make room for custom chat on the same button presses as ingame
    • Alternatively custom chat can be access in lobby through LB LB for those who need better category guidance to find the chat

    PC UI Chat Window Updates

    • Players can just click into the chat box to type
    • Players no longer get preview text, but just a callout for new messages
    • Players can use TAB to tab through the active chat channels to chat more easily

    Special Message Window Update

    • Special messages about events or new updates will now use UI art and system that matches the newer SMITE UI

    Friends List Update

    • Added an Invite to Clan button for clan leaders

    Nintendo Switch now uses Hi-Rez Names instead of gamertags

    • Upon first Logging in you will be prompted to update your name
    • Names will now be checked for availability and restricted words
    • You might need to make a new name
    • Linked accounts to PC will not need to make new names

    New Ranked Split

    • Split 4 Begins! Players will undergo a soft reset, placing them at a specific division determined by their end of split MMR while also moving players MMR values closer to the average.
      • For this split we have reduced the intensity of the MMR soft reset by half. Players should find their MMR values to be significantly closer to their end of split MMR when the new split begins.

    Reduced Conquest Ranked Queue Time

    Since the start of Season 6 Ranked Conquest has been on the rise, becoming a more core mode for more and more players. We feel we are currently in a state where we can begin to bring down the Queue Time and still maintain Matchmaking Quality for the mode, so that is what we will do! We will begin this patch by reducing it to a 7 minute queue and will likely experiment with shorter intervals over the course of the patch. The end goal is the shortest queue time with the highest matchmaking quality.

    • Reduced Queue time from 9 minutes to 7 minutes.
      • NOTES: Ranked is in a healthier state than it has been in a while. Showing MMR and changes to the progression pacing seem to be going well. We can likely reduce queue time now.
      • We will watch this and experiment with incremental reductions until we find the point where it causes too much of a strain on the matchmaker. Expect fluctuation over the coming weeks as we run those experiments.

    More Bans in All Ranked Game Modes

    • Increased Ban Count from 8 to 10 in all Ranked modes.

    • Conquest
      • The 2 new bans are added at the end of the first ban phase.

    • Joust
      • The 2 new bans are added at the end of the first ban phase.

    • Duel
      • The 2 new bans are added to the only ban phase.

    • Competitive Play will also be using this new ban system, but options will exist in customs to use previous and lower count ban systems.

    Quicker Draft Lobbies

    A common issue for players attempting to play Ranked is the time investment for portions of the game that are not actual gameplay. Not only are we tackling that from the queue time perspective but also from how long it takes to draft. We are heavily reducing the amount of time for each individual pick and ban, while increasing the bank time to help communicate key information. This should increase the urgency to pick while ensuring everyone has enough time to make smart drafting decisions.

    • Decreased Pick time from 30s to 20s.
    • Decreased Ban time from 30s to 15s.
    • Increased Bank Time from 30s to 40s.

    New Item Tree : Arthurian

    Kicking off the Mid-Season Balance we are bringing in a whole new tree of items! The Arthurian item tree is themed around a Gem of Fate which is crafted into a weapon of legend, empowering the wielder at just the right moment. Each item has a powerful passive effect that is activates when the holder finishes casting their ultimate ability and focuses on pushing classes that can wield it into specific playstyles. Given how different each god can work with these items, we are excited to see the level of experimentation that will come from the community around these items.

    Tier 1

    • Gem of Fate
      • Cost : 900
      • +10% Cooldown Reduction

    Tier 2

    • Honed Edge
      • Cost : 1600
      • +10% Cooldown Reduction
      • +30 Physical Power

    • Apprentice Staff
      • Cost : 1600
      • +10% Cooldown Reduction
      • +50 Magical power

    • Knight’s Shield
      • Cost : 1600
      • +10% Cooldown Reduction
      • +25 Physical Protection
      • +25 Magical Protection

    Tier 3

    • Fail-not (Builds from Honed Edge)

      Fail-not is the bow of Tristan, said to never miss. This item focused on high power, high cooldown, and Critical Strike. While normally not a standard pairing, this item can bridge the gap for Ability Hunters while providing a heavy Critical Strike bonus to standard Basic Attack Hunters. This however is not only a selfish buff, as the Critical Strike chance bonus applies to your allies as well!

      • Hunter Only
      • Cost : 2800
      • +20% Cooldown Reduction
      • +50 Physical Power
      • +25% Critical Strike Chance
      • Passive – After you finish casting your Ultimate Ability, your next ability cast within 5 seconds that damages an enemy god marks them, increasing the chance they will be Critically Struck by 15% for 10 seconds. Can only trigger once every 45 seconds.

    • Arondight (Builds from Honed Edge)

      Arondight is the sword of Lancelot. Assassin’s and Warriors often engage with their ultimates and seek to continue the pressure by attacking the backline. Arondight enables this playstyle, not only revealing enemies in a large area but granting bonus speed and damage for successfully chasing down targets.

      • Warrior/Assassin Only
      • Cost : 2600
      • +10% Cooldown Reduction
      • +55 Physical power
      • Passive – After casting your Ultimate Ability, reveal all enemies within 120ft of you. While moving towards revealed targets, you gain 30% increased Movement Speed. When a revealed enemy takes damage from you for the first time, they take an additional 40 + 30% of your Physical Power. Enemies are revealed for 8s. Can trigger once every 45 seconds.

    • Staff Of Myrddin (Builds from Apprentice Staff)

      Staff of Myrddin is the focus of the most powerful wizard. Using this focus, Mages and Guardians will be able to do the impossible, double cast a standard ability. Each god can use this in slightly different ways, from doubling down on damage to bringing extra crowd control. Whatever the use case, Staff of Myrddin will help bring the magic.

      • Mages/Guardians Only
      • Cost : 2800g
      • +10% Cooldown Reduction
      • +100 Magical power
      • Passive – After casting your Ultimate Ability, your next ability non-ultimate ability cast within the next 10s will have no cooldown, but will only hit for 70% of its normal damage and heal for 70% of its normal healing. Can trigger once every 45 seconds.

    • Pridwen (Builds from Knight’s Shield)

      Pridwen is the Shield of King Arthur. Pridwen is the only item available to all classes and it encourages gods to be the frontline for their team and get into the thick of combat. Scaling based on your god’s protections, this item synergizes with heavy defensive builds and allows you to convert those defenses into a powerful offensive explosion.

      • Available to All Classes
      • Cost : 2400g
      • +20% Cooldown Reduction
      • +45 Physical Protection
      • +45 Magical Protection
      • Passive – After casting your Ultimate Ability, you gain a large shield equal to your Protections for 5s. When this shield breaks, either by timing out or being depleted, it explodes and deals Magical damage equal to 50% of the Shield’s Health and Slowing targets for 25% for 3s. Can only trigger once every 45 seconds.

    New Item

    • Contagion (Builds from Silver Breastplate)

      A major request from players has been a Physical Defense counterpart to Pestilence. Having access to a strong early defensive choice that limits sustain gives players (and especially Solo laners) a way to counter build during the laning phase, while also not feeling stuck with needing Pestilence to handle healing even if the enemy team is not bring much Magical Damage. Contagion should fit these situations nicely.

      • Cost : 2050
      • +60 Physical Protection
      • +100 Health
      • +250 Mana
      • +15 MP5
      • AURA – Enemy gods within 55 units have their healing reduced by 25%. This does not stack with Pestilence.

    Demonic Grip

    Magical ADCs have been seeing a large resurgence, with concerns that hunters as a whole are being pushed out of their role. While there are a lot of factors that go into why this occurring, a large portion comes down to item power level. To bring Mage ADCs and Hunters closer together, Demonic Grip and Hastened Ring are seeing cost increases while core Hunter Items are seeing small cost reductions or increases in power.

    Demonic Grip for its cost is incredibly efficient. We are bumping up the cost to put it more on par with its Physical counterpart, The Executioner.

    • Increased Cost from 2150 to 2300

    Hastened Ring

    The effect of removing the movement speed downside on Basic Attacks, known as “Haste”, is very powerful. Hastened Ring and Hastened Katana providing this for cheap creates specific balance problems, resulting in break cases for gods that can rush it too quickly. Hastened Ring is seeing a shift, becoming significantly more expensive with a power boost to match. Players going for Hastened Ring will now need to significantly invest in the effect rather than splashing it in with little consequence.

    • Increased Cost from 2300 to 2700
    • Increased Magical Power from 50 to 70

    Doom Orb

    Doom Orb recently received a buff but it failed to address a core concern. When properly managing the stacks this item becomes very potent, the downside of losing the stacks is too great. When many late game fights occur around objectives and away from minions to restack this effect it can become a liability. We are shifting some of the power away from the stacks and onto the base item to make it more consistent while still allowing players to min-max its effect in lane.

    • Reduced Magical Power per stack from 6 to 4
    • Increased base Magical Power from 135 to 145

    Spear of Desolation

    Spear of Desolation is often overshadowed by other items with Magical Penetration. This has even grown to a dangerous point in certain situations where only mages who can stack Spear of Magus quickly are viable. This adjustment should lead to better performance on mages who have a more difficult time dealing multiple instances of damage.

    • Passive changed from 1s to 2s.

    Ethereal Staff

    Ethereal Staff provides a unique effect, but the cost and potency of the effect made it an often overlooked choice. We want to give both these aspects a nudge to help it stand out.

    • Decrease Cost from 2600 to 2500
    • Increase Max Health Stolen from 5% to 6%

    Jade Emperor’s Crown

    Jade Emperor’s Helm brings a strong aura but lacks some selfish stats for the wearer. A small health buff and cost reduction should help this feel more like a sturdy pickup.

    • Reduced cost from 2150 to 2100
    • Increased health from 100 to 150

    Hastened Katana

    This change is along the same line of reasoning as Hastened Ring. We feel that the Haste effect should appear on more expensive items. Many gods that focus on Basic Attacking rely on picking up this item over any other choice, and those gods have been overperforming for a significant amount of time. We are increasing the cost to better reflect its power level.

    • Increased Cost from 2300 to 2500

    Talaria Boots

    Talaria’s has become a core item for Warriors and Assassins, bringing a large boost in mobility that is valuable in Conquest. Each Boots type should bring tradeoffs, but Talaria’s had little downside. This change will cause the wearer to sacrifice some more Physical Power, which is a fair choice considering how potent Movement Speed can be.

    • Decreased Physical Power from 20 to 15

    Ninja Tabi

    Ninja Tabi similarly struggled to be unique in its identity. While some hunters valued it, it was too niche in its application and saw little use compared to Warrior Tabi. Buffing this item should allow more Hunters to utilize it, as well as simply buffing the Hunters that already do. We want to ensure that Hunters as a class feel balanced when compared to other classes and specifically against Magical ADCs. The next few changes are all towards that same goal.

    • Increased Attack Speed from 20% to 25%

    Qin’s Sais

    Qin’s Sais is a popular and strong options for hunters, which may make it seem strange that it is receiving a buff above other items. While this item fills its role well in comparison to the Hunter Class, the class as a whole has been struggling. Having stronger core items for Hunters will bolster the class in general and give them more resilience towards Meta shifts going forward.

    • Increased Attack Speed from 15% to 20%

    Wind Demon

    Wind Demon is a great synergy item for Critical Strike Builds, but these builds are traditionally expensive and the cost of Wind Demon put an additional burden on that build. A cost reduction helps the power curve of Critical Strike Builds across the board.

    • Cost Decrease from 2600 to 2500


    When Ichaival was first launched there were concerns about its overall power level. We as a team quickly responded to those concerns with a cost nerf, but as the Season has progressed Ichaival has seen little use. This item has the potential to serve as a potent counter option against high Attack Speed gods and bring more counterbuilding to the Hunter Class as a whole. We are bringing it back to its old cost to see if it can fulfill that goal.

    • Decreased Cost from 2600 to 2450

    Runic Shield

    Runic Shield allows players to help their team in a unique way. Reducing enemy Magical Power could give your team an extra edge, but currently the item doesn’t deliver enough stats to the owner to be attractive. This change should make being a team player feel even better, and provide another possible counter option to mid mages or mage ADCs that are leveling out of control.

    • Increased Health from 150 to 200

    Gauntlet of Thebes

    Gauntlet Of Thebes is a high risk option for Supports. For a role that needs to work with more limited experience and gold to help their team out, an item that requires stacking can be a tall order. A small cost reduction and health increase may not look like a lot, but this should help Support players feel better about opting into a slower but eventually powerful start.

    • Decreased Cost from 2400 to 2350
    • Increased Base Health from 275 to 300

    Bulwark of Hope

    Magical Protection items tend to be quite powerful in SMITE and vie for limited spots in builds. This has forced Bulwark of Hope out of most metas, even though it maintains a certain popularity in other game modes. The item is seeing some slight adjustments to help it better compete with the core Magical Protection items.

    • Reduced cost from 2400 to 2300
    • Increased health from 200 to 250

    Talisman of Energy

    Providing nearby allies with movement speed and attack speed is a powerful effect, yet this item suffers from similar problems as Bulwark of Hope. Talisman of Energy’s buff duration is being extended to help increase its impact on team fights.

    • Passive duration increased from 8s to 10s

    Relic Dagger

    Relic Dagger encourages a Relic focused playstyle rounded out with some solid core stats, but it low in popularity and sees little use. We are increasing the Relic Cooldown effect to really allow players with this item to feel the reduction and allow them to make plays with their relics much more often.

    • Increased Relic Cooldown Reduction from 30s to 40s
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