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    Lightbulb Suggestion: Active Items

    So it's almost 2020 and you may be wondering how to continue Smite's content.

    It's to bring active items to Smite!

    Okay, how will it work? Hear me out, because I've thought about how the mechanic would be balanced and easy to use.

    First of all, there will be a single key bind added to the game associated with an active item. A key bind is fairly expected.

    Second — you might ask, why only a single key bind? Well, I propose the new items mirror the Mask tree's mechanics. You may only purchase ONE active item at a time. How come? This will allow powerful/meta defining effects to be added without running into balance or usability issues. There will not be 6 extra buttons to click... There will also not be a combination of active items a single character can use that may be broken.

    So, what type of items could be introduced? Imagine a support item that can switch aura protection type (possibly with a Hel passive type swing mechanic). Or a Shifter's Shield-like item that switches between defense and offense. Maybe a combat blink (heavily reduced distance and a couple seconds of increased movement speed)? A HoG effect? Well timed mitgations? Flat second CDR? The options are endless.

    Thanks for listening to this brief suggestion,
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