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Thread: Skins... Out of Hand?

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    I'm already glad that they haven't taken up the suggestion to have the icons match the skins...

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    I never had this problems, cuz i follow smite on twitter and i see the patch notes so i know the skins and who are they, also in the loading screen you can see the name of the skin and the name of the god, and i think its not hard memorize the 5 gods youre against and their skins... like, srsly you need to have real memory problems to dont memorize that, also, you can chose in the settings to see the gods name instead of the players name, there is a lots of ways of fix "this problem" that isnt even a problem in first place, at least not a problem of the game or the dev.

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    omg ppl, is that so hard to remember what gods enemy team have? ffs, ITS ONLY 5 OF THEM! if you can't remembear 5 enemy gods and have a problem recognizing them because of their skins, its your and only your problem.
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