Hello smite community, I come here to bring a suggestion that I believe is of great value to the game, sorry English, I do not speak very well. so after the last updates the smite has progressed a lot, especially with the new function of choosing the papers, type support, adc, jungle, solo, of course it did not solve 100% of the problems but we can say that it made at least 90% easier this assignment. I bring two more questions that I consider important to improve the smite, in fact two conceptual problems of the game: 1- the vote for surrender, in my view today we do not have a democratic vote, I will explain, today for a match to be accepted as surrender is I need all or at least 4 votes to be F6 and no F7, if there is at least one F7 vote the match is maintained, this is not anything democratic, what is meant by voting anywhere in the world means the majority wins, the form correct vote for the smite should not depend on those who did not vote, but on those who vote, if there were a score of two F6 and an F7 the match should be considered as surrendered, if other players cared, then they should vote F7, how can a vote of four F6 and a single F7, in the case of complete voting keep the match: "the whole team is hostage of a single player, which can be a troll, this ends up generating another problem I will describe, in retaliation form, some players simply stay in the base, which can generate complaints and reports, disconnect from the game are also reported, warns of the cascade of problems that is generated, all because of a vote that does not it works, so Hi-rez change the vote and make it work, to avoid problems. 2 - my second suggestion is directly linked to the first, nobody wants to enter a game to have to leave, but unfortunately sometimes there is no possibility to continue for various reasons, I believe that a functional vote described in problem, 1 will improve and decrease the indices of abandonment and much, even if this modification is made, I believe that "There should no longer be punishment for abandonment of match" Do not deceive, penalize for abandonment does not solve, or the guy stands at the base, or begins to feed with deaths the enemy team then in summary, hirez: 1 - make the vote really functional, 2 - remove the punishment for abandonment of match, and we will have a much better game environment, remember no one wants to wait for a match to be part, and leave for nothing, stay my suggestions, I hope have once again helped the smite community.