Hi guys

First time posting in the smite forums but I've been playing the game for years on console. Basically my question is regarding arena for xbox since crossplay. When crossplay first came out I was consistently getting put into PC games for arena which I was really enjoying because I'm like a platinum/diamond level player and enjoy the higher level games. Now since the recent patch I only get put into Xbox arena games with bot players against bot players, which are way below my level of play. The matchmaking is even missing queue pops saying 'the system couldn't find a game for me' which is more like how arena queue was before crossplay was introduced. I'm just wondering what happened? Did they update arena matchmaking crossplay for Xbox? When I queue assault I'm still getting into higher level PC games. It just seems to be arena and joust seems to be predominantly xbox for me.

Before anyone asks, yes I do have crossplay turned on.