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Thread: I feel like a report wasn't enough.

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    I feel like a report wasn't enough.

    Sup, people.

    So, is there anyway that i can get some attention to one particular player?

    The past few days i've bin playing smite a lot again and i keep meeting the same guy, problem is, every game he's toxic, flaming, and even his own team mates want him reported. Twice he send me death threats and i ofcourse ignore it, people like to shit talk (i do too at times, just nothing personal like that) shit happens, but now he started to say he wants to find me in real life and all that crap, going so far as making/logging onto new accounts to remind me of that, ofcourse it's one easy block and i understand to not mind it as it's probably big talk, but it's tiring.

    is there any way i can get this guy noticed?

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    You can submit a support ticket with the screenshot and all related others.

    People like to say reports don't work but I recently had a player that spam picked ymir which meant he would afk if he didn't like a certain comp or was matched with teammates from previous games he didn't like. I reported him every single time and lo and behold I got a message next day saying my reports went through.
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