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Thread: Ratatoskr's basic attack are slower after his 2 and his 3 but not his 1 or his 4.

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    Ratatoskr's basic attack are slower after his 2 and his 3 but not his 1 or his 4.

    I noticed that Ratatoskr has a 0.1 or so second of idle animation before starting his basic attack chain after using Flurry and Acorn Blast, but not after using Dart or Through the Cosmos. I don't know if that's a bug or not but I've been testing it in jungle practice to see if what I was seeing was real or not. I do notice him stuttering after using abilities before auto-attacking.

    Also I noticed he has a wind-up to the first attack in his attack progression, unlike most gods with attack progression. That's might just be me though but he starts dealing damage slower than most for his first attack. The main thing is that after using those abilities he defaults to being idle before doing his auto-attacks.

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    It could have to do with post hit timings... Which is intended.

    That said, casting and autoing in SMITE is incredibly buggy. The stuttering and phantom casts/hits is not fun as a player.

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