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Thread: Suggesstion i feel is needed for khepri

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    Suggesstion i feel is needed for khepri

    I'm not here to say khepri or any god is wrong,but rather i have an idea for khepri that i feel personally that i would enjoy more and it would be able to show team members that hey khepri isnt so bad.
    As of currently there is the who had top damage, who had top kills, even who had top healing. and you can even look at the statistics after the match to determine which god did exactly what, its a remarkable summary and lets people review their match and team mates and opponents and see who did what. its fantastic
    But i feel currently that khepri is underloved from the statistic and end of match reviews. khepri has that unique revive team mates ability but it does show up any where a way to show hey this khepri did something.
    like alot of times i find that i play khepri and at the end of the match the statistic make it look like khepri contributed nothing, i often dont have top damage or healing or anything as khepri because he isnt simply as great as that (in general but more specifically my style, i build him max cooldowns and try to keep my team revived as much as possible as my main goal with khepri rather than focusing damage or something) and at the end of the match there is nothing to show that "hey khepri might not have top anything but look he/she revived 5 gods that match" or something along the lines
    I feel it would be alot alot better if there was some way to show that. even if it werent even as obvious like maybe you could just add the revived health of the gods he revives into player healing? or a seperate thing for him saying how many times he revived someone,etc.

    sorry for long post just an idea i had been thinking of for a while

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    I get what you are saying but I think your teammates remember and that is what counts.

    There are many plays like this that will never get attention. Like blocking a nox ult to save a team mate or similar.
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