So I have seen this with 2 gods I know offhand, wondering if either anyone else gets this or something else.

First time was testing Janus builds. If I hit an enemy with his 2 Unstable Vortex, the target walks away with a small bit of health left but then after a few seconds dies reporting as I killed him.

Second time 2 ways with Hercules. 1 - I hit a god with 2 Earthbreaker, again small sliver of health left they walk away then after a few seconds die. 2 - Excavate Ult seems to miss targets in your face at first but then after a few seconds they magically die.

This does not happen with most gods and abilities, a lot of other stuff seems fine. Was not sure about the Janus one at first but now since I have all gods and testing, seeing it with Herc too on 2 of his abilities.