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Thread: What's a good keybinding for ult

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    I got too used to Paragon keys for abilities. Right Mouse for 1, F for 2, E for 3 and R for Ult.
    Space for jumping.
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    i use a razer naga hex mouse for smite so all my abilities are bound to my mouse buttons. makes the game 10x easier to play. when i first downloaded smite when it was in beta, i went with this method. it never even dawned on me to put my abilities on keyboard buttons because that seems so awkward to me. maybe i get this from wow, because all my abilities are also bound to my mouse buttons in that game.

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    Why do you need a keybinding for Ults? Just press 4 and use the default buttons. However for my potions and relics, I like to use the F keys.

    I do have an alienware keyboard but I have no fucking clue how to bind the keys in the left side and it would be nice to use it but I gave up LOL and prefer still using 1, 2, 3, 4 keys.
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