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Thread: I wanna talk about Smite Reddit

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    I wanna talk about Smite Reddit

    Reddit is way of arguing,commenting ,critize, and communicate.Gamers mostly coming this page for news about their beloved game .More than their actual forums.We saw protests in Reddit which change to games as better. ( Star Wars Battlefront 2 ,Paladins OB 64)

    I like Smite I'm playing since 2014 and I praise to good things and critize sometimes rant about bad things.And Many Reddit pages thriving with this ppl who want their games be better.But not in Smite Reddit.When you check Smite reddit.What you see?This is my point of view.Absolutely 0 benefit to game outside of Skin designs.You can't critize to game in this page, you can't talk about bad shape of Ranked ,MM.Balance or Server issues.Because Moderators in this subreddit absolute joke.Their rule is no personal stories or shitposting allowed.But wait You can send Shitty Bundle posts or SC6 character creation posts and fill all page.You can send your praise about "How Smite change my life better and I find a Gf from game" posts.

    But you can't send posts about bad shape of Ranked random resets who ruins your progression and mm be its personal posts and this only effect you .you know everybody ok with MM in S6.You can't rant about out of logic character releases.You can't send memes like most community subreddits.I absolutely find Smite meme page "Gank" better than Smite reddit.You can share your love also hate about that page.İf Hi-rez want to make a better community should make changes in this page.Because this page have no benefit to community or game.This is basically skin design page.Hi-rez community manager should check those terrible moderators.
    Critize for better Smite.

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    The smite reddit is a dumpster and as long as Triple is head mod there, you can count on it staying that way.
    Actually back to Smite but my love for the forums isn't really the same anymore. May most likely not post god concepts again.

    Since forums are dying, feel free to join the official smite forum discord where most retired members chill.

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    Smite reddit is like any other generic game reddit and that is like General Discussion on any game forum including this one. It is NOT specific to one subject, there was even a reddit about this someone started.

    If you want a specific reddit, either find or make it. You want it to get noticed by Titan, contact them.

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