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Thread: Good job Hirez, your first african god is a broken one. (as usual)

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    What most of everyone here said is correct. He is complete ass right now. His identity is stuck somewhere between mage adc and mage burst. The fact that they reduced his critical hit damage by 50% compared to other hunters means he's going to get out pushed out damaged out healed and out cc'd by literally everyone else in the game. Getting to 150 power to get that crit chance is also extremely hard. He needs what amounts to basically two items to get it, meanwhile any other physical hunter can by Deathbringer before he even gets crit online (not smart but possible and relevant here), get the same crit chance out of his power requirement AND get their crit damage boosted.

    He is complete ass without cooldown and most builds if you actually want decent power and crit chance will have next to none.

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    His ult is Super OP, crashed two of my games lol. Wasnt just me everyone got kicked and both times it was when he used his Ult. But yeah I'm on the side that his Ult box needs to be reduced in size. Ganesha drives me nuts with his and now I got this god's too to deal with? Naw, hell naw! If i see both of them on the enemy team at the same time I'm demanding we surrender for the sake of anything breakable in my room.


    1. hit by ganesha's Ult, leap out to escape
    2. Land in Olerun's box, use relic to escape
    3. Run into Ah Puch's graveyard, jump out a window to escape this painful match.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DangerousRival View Post

    1. hit by ganesha's Ult, leap out to escape
    2. Land in Olerun's box, use relic to escape
    3. Run into Ah Puch's graveyard, jump out a window to escape this painful match.
    LOL. I also crashed lately in Olorun ult.

    I love his ult, doesn't matter if its enemy or friendly. Seeing things move in slowmo is so rewarding.
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    playing olorun as long as i have i can say he is ass and needs a rework or at least rescaling his abilities
    his 1 is fine
    his 2 is ok the attack speed buff is fine but the 2nd half of his ability is literally useless cause hitting the same enemy REDUCES dmg each shot which is stupid alot of people agree
    his 3 while annoying doesn't really help him the heals are minimal, and the protections are only best around other ally gods which any mage especially an adc should not be getting into the thick of the fight
    his ult is pretty bad, most gods can jump out of it or in most cases use a cc immune skill or beads or just aegis and since oloruns dmg is only best late game he doesn't get a kill before it ends and worst of all the ridiculously long cooldown.

    he is only good 1v1 but compared to other adc mages like freya and chronos there are better picks especially with things like demonic grip and tekhines ring losing their movement speed

    Olorun is an example of Hi rez's having ideas like having a hunter mage then ruining it by not having good kit synergy or adjusting the god when item changes come out

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