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Thread: People abuse reporting me for no REASON.

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    People abuse reporting me for no REASON.

    So I was in conquest game and got killed by a amaterasu everytime when i went out on the field, and then my teammates decides to be super toxic and harassing me, saying i'm bad, im useless, i can't do anything right, etc, yet I get no help from them when I want to push a tower that is almost down.
    So when the match is over, they all go like, "we're gonna report you, 4 reports in a day is instaban!" and that shit just makes me anxious and noxious tbh.

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    there was a third one too but I forgot what his name was and its not appearing in the history win.
    If you guys play with these three, make sure to report them and send any footage of them being toxic to the smite staff, they have been doing this several times now with other people.
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