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Thread: How much shit need the comunity to get arthur balanced?

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    Exclamation How much shit need the comunity to get arthur balanced?

    arthur has been unbalanced all this time and hirez just ignores it, literally its top ban, no one wants him cuz its literally unbalanced, i comprend there is gods with stances, but can you compare Tyr with arthur? Tyr got 4 atacks, all with single objective damage, arthur got 8 atacks, all with area damage, tick damage and can proc as hell with soul eater, he can be 1v3 or even 1v4 and won the match or lose taking 2 kills, tyr get rooted and its done, this guy cant be rooted, just creeped and stuned but with his mobility its pretty hard get him, like, tyr runes to you in a line, he is a fucking beyblade spinning around you at high speed, killing and healing himself, its just ridiculous, he can build full tank and kill an assasin or adc without lose half of his life, and gets worst when the newbies that dont know how play and cant use an actual god use it and get kills presssing all the buttons, cuz you dont even need aim, you just need to press buttons like a dumb and anyway you will do it fine, if anybody can reply me with a single warrior that can do all that arthur can, i will delete this and eat a roten egg.

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    You need to press buttons and know what ur doing with said button before you press them. He has utility but they have decently long cooldowns, not to mention he has no sustain unless he buys glad shield or soul eater.

    His win rate is laughably low (<50%), too

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    Please consider the actual statistics and cast your ignorance. Arthur is always top ban anything and you can't beget casuals that just want to play him and think they're doing something, they need to be terrible in order to git gud.

    Tyr deals his damage much faster in a shorter radius, has an inbuilt heal, passive that stacks with CCR, as well as constant damage frequently. Arthur is more drawn out and requires energy buildup.

    Literal apples to oranges.
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    Those stats are so funny, his winrate goes down but his popularity goes up after a nerf?
    I think it has reached a point where some people are going more by rep than what he actually does and not building right.

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