Hello there,

I've just found out I cannot insert images from my own computer (I just made screenshots to show the bug), so I'll try to guide you step-by-step on how to replicate it (pretty straightforward, really):
  1. Join a lobby (except for Jungle Practice; I think the bug can still be replicated on CoopVsAI)
  2. From the lobby, enable AutoSkills and AutoBuy (use the Auto-Skills/Buy box)
  3. Once you are in the game, turn off AutoBuy
  4. Complete/Leave the game
  5. Enter a new lobby
  6. While still in the lobby, press the Auto-Skill/Buy box
  7. Both AutoSkills and AutoBuy are disabled, when only AutoBuy should be
  8. In case AutoSkills looks enabled, close the Auto-Skills/Buy window and open it again. Now you will see that AutoSkills has been disabled by itself

I think this bug has been here for the entire duration of Season 6

Thank you for your time