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Thread: Passive Meters

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    Passive Meters

    Isis has none, how can I know how many stacks she has? While there is an tiny icon about it, it does not show stacks either unlike icons for items as seen next to the Mage's Blessing icon above the health bar in this picture. Would be nice to have a meter showing stacks so I can say, "Self, you need to be near allies to share your Passive," in the right situtations.

    Hades also has no Passive Meter though I am not sure what he could get, and there is no real indicator of who has Blight like that icon that appears above Morrigan targets for her buff.

    Hera's Meter shows Argus' health that is also in the bar above him. I feel no need to display this twice, change the meter to a bar counting down how long until Argus goes away unless the enemy kills him then it goes empty.

    Any thoughts on other Passive Meters?

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    Freya could use a passive icon that shows if she's benefiting from mana or health restored per basic attack as well as how many shots she has on her 1.
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