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Thread: Why is this game so toxic?

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    Why is this game so toxic?

    I played this game during the beta, really enjoyed it, but lacked Moba skills so dropped it for a bit. Went to HOTS until they killed the comp, then went back to League thinking it would be enjoyable. It was a toxic cesspool, ranked was impossible to climb because of the toxicity, so i thought hey, why not go back to Smite.

    Wow, this place makes League look like a girl scout convention. Seriously, why is it that EVERY game theres some form of troll? Whether its someone not playing their designated role, stealing jungle mobs at start of game, AFKing or jumping around and refusing to fight their lane opponent/participating in team fights.

    What is it about Smite that attracts these types of people? Why is it that HiRez does nothing to punish these players? Ban, then hardware ban them. Do SOMETHING. It completely ruins the game for others who are trying to actually enjoy the game. Its making me reconsider playing this game, and judging by other forum posts, it seems plenty of others have already done so.

    Update: Uninstalled. Literally the worst community I've ever had the displeasure of playing with. Nothing but trolls.
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    It is not Smite, it is MOBAs in general, this one especially since last year.

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