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Unplugging router that is a neat trick I don't think that works in your advantage.

If you read the overclocking topic that is stickied you see that fiddling with that stuff can impact how your client perceives time and lower your cds. All such meddling can get you banned. But its a constant battle between the cheaters and anti cheat programs.

To make lagg happen for others I don't know what they do, its not as common as speeding yourself up but it does exist, I haven't seen it since s3 though. Back then I would frequently get disconnected from games both in lobby and in game and could not reconnect to the match, interestingly it was often when there was a 4 man party going and I was the solo q filling it out, as if they didnt want me there.

The weirdest thing I ever had happened was in arena with a zeus (this was back in late s2 or early s3). The zeus lagged a lot when it suited him, obvious cheater. He was bad though so we killed him all the time anyway. I go for a exchange in mid as SWK and then they chase me and I use my bird to get around behind the camp spots, I hit B and I manage to teleport to fountain. I regain my hp and even have time to shop, just as I close the shop screen I get teleported back behind the buff camps and there was zeus and some other God standing waiting for me. I had no ult and no bird and was playing a greedy dmg build so they killed me easily. We won anyway big. How this is possible I have no idea but as they were waiting for me to return I think it was not some normal lagg. Its not like they stood there attacking a ghost for several seconds either, they waited and just as I land they land all their combo.

Another time as Xbal in arena I faced a he bo that lagged all game, and the game seemed unstable. Their he bo ran into fountain and afk (as if taking the time to do something). All of sudden there comes this major lagg spike and all Gods just glide around, when I come out off it I stand under their tower just outside fountain and he bo comes out and finishes me with his 3. Judging by how map looked I was the only one that lagged. Now this might have been a coincidence but interesting fact is that he bo afked just before it happened, he was a lagger and I wasnt even running in that direction when it started if I had continued straight which you normally do as you time out I should be on our side of map for sure.

I havent seen stuff like this in years though. For crazy stuff like this I feel like the person doing it must have access to the developer console or smth, maybe its a developer just fooling around, maybe its a hacker with access. Who knows. I am on EU though so a developer trolling seems less likely.
I couldn't find the sticky post about overclocking can you link it? I think that's what happened in a ranked match where this premade were able to initiate their ults less than a minute. Perhaps that's what they did to lower their cool downs..who knows.