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Thread: Ruler of the Heavens - PTS Issues Thread

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    Ruler of the Heavens - PTS Issues Thread

    Hey everyone!

    PTS for the Ruler of the Heavens Update is LIVE!

    You can find the full Update Notes here.

    Please post any bugs or issues found from PTS in this thread. Also, feel free to leave any feedback you have about any of the latest God and item changes, and SMITE's newest God - Olorun!

    For instructions on how to download and participate in the PTS visit this link.

    Known Issues

    We're working to address as many of the known issues as safely possible prior to release.


    • Custom Game lobbies are not displaying properly


    Overflowing Divinity

    • Projectiles sometimes miss and go underground causing delayed damage

    Sanctified Field

    • Buff icon timers are not affected by time dilation
    • Many damage over time durations are not extended by enemy time dilation
    • BCC duration timers are inaccurate if the CC'd player is affected by time dilation


    • Ult - FX are not affected by time

    • Life Tap - Bear will jitter and animate incorrectly on her own client when turning in time dilation

    • Ult - FX are affected by time dilation, even though her ult is not

    • Passive tick rate is unaffected by time dilation

    Cu Chulainn
    • Passive is desynced under time dilation.

    • Remove Obstacles - Having a weird interaction with time dilation
    • Ult - Behaves strangely under time dilation

    • Eclipse - Effect group timers and projectiles are not time-dilated properly

    • Ult - FX are not affected by time dilation, and damage is inconsistent

    • Banish - FX last too long when fired inside an enemy time dilation field

    • Ult - Ability timers do not count correctly in a time dilation field
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    UPDATES from build 6.7.5508.0

    The following issues have been addressed...


    • Olorun's Legendary skin has a blue tint in Jungle practice, and appears to be more grey than black in Conquest
    • Soul Reaver is not procing/tracking on sub-devices that are owned by an offhand causing damage not to be halved after using Olorun A02 or A03.
    • [Spectator] Olorun crit indicators are visible from any distance
    • Olorun's Consecration ability uses "ally" inconsistently

    • Gods that use Moving effect volume deployables do not get time dilation unless fired inside
    • Kukulkan's Ult does not get slowed in time dilation unless fired inside it
    • Freya - Banish - FX last too long when fired inside an enemy time dilation field

    • Nu Wa has no ability audio
    • Chang'e Standard and Moonlight Love skins aren't playing taunts/jokes..
    • [FX] Sometimes, Mothman Ah Muzen Cab's Honey will flicker.
    • Ravana Basic Attack damage is incorrect in K screen
    • Chronos Basic Attack damage is incorrect in K screen.
    • Clipping on the Yoruba banner
    • Vigilante Susanos VXG is appearing above ability targetors and some ability VFX on the ground
    • Ne Zha busted anims while Stimmed fix
    • Remove Flames from the Main Menu
    • Players on the same platform are sometimes unable to see one another's custom games
    • Home Screen clan notification indicator is missing the number.
    • Plushie Jormungandr's minion pile will move with him while he is ulting if he died before using the ultimate.
    • If polymorphed when her Ult ends, Biohacker Kali’s wings will stay on her back

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