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Thread: Concept map for Assault

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    Concept map for Assault

    This map will help to give a better quality of life to assassins in assault as well as expand upon the idea of the side lane making it into something a bit more useful then just a quick heal fix. Make sure to read my first post about assault changes here.

    ---- Key ----
    Adding in some curves and S bends into the side lane prevents that long pathway of visibility that makes it hard to get a good gank going with it. In addition phoenix's need some better sniper points for mages to use for defense in order to get at the enemy teams back line, how ever these defensive points should be pretty constricting and narrow walk paths (possibly even causing a movement speed debuff to anyone in that area to make you slow but would need testing, sprint and beads would remove the slow effect) that way the pay off is either big for a mage or a big death trap. you should be able to toss a ward on both sides when you siege the pheonix just like we ward/counter ward pheonixs during attacks in ranked conquest.

    1) Purple arrows are jump/blink points mostly geared towards improving assassins quality of life in assault since you can't really be sneaky when the enemy team always gets to look straight at you.
    2) Yellow star's are portals that let you portal from one side lane to the other the side lane with out being seen, thus allowing assassins to use advanced level sneaky sneaky mind game tactics, and stepping up assaults warding game to get more on par with conquest
    3)The red islands/lightning bolts are where objectives like mini gold fury camps and fire giants can spawn. (janus portals don't get you to the islands, nor do any other player abilities)
    4) The blue circles/lightning bolts next to the portals (yellow stars) would act something like a light switch, there are 2 totems, attack which ever one you want the portal (yellow star) to take you to. (Think about solo lane in conq, that kind of a totem is perfect!!! obviously totems would have to have a cool down to prevent abuse and glitching). In addition, which side the fire giant pops out on could be fixed or random since assault is all random anyways
    5)The healing orbs are in a much better place now then where they use to be. The only change that I would like to see on them is that the person that is jungling for your team in the side lanes, when they kill a "mini gold fury camp", the big minion drops a healing orb that applys it's effect globally for the entire team. (kind of like killing red buff minion, except it's 3 small "gold furies"). The point is that the side laner/jungler (usually your assassin) would now have an indirect impact on the outcome of the game rather then just sitting around in lane watching minions die with out anything to really do for fear of death. Think about playing lvl5 kali in assault with a passive team, a game that is evenly matched, or games where your team hyper feeds and you've been snowballed by default, tons of fun sitting around waiting for some kind of opportunity to be useful to your team to only get 20 seconds of fighting action at best... hence the need for a jungle and blink points.
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