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Thread: Ao Kuang phase through player wall bug

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    Ao Kuang phase through player wall bug

    So this bug is fairly simple. If Ao ults a target that has momentum with his back facing a player made wall, he will phase through it.

    This is particularly problematic with Cabraken's ult. Which, in our testing, is the only wall that actually completely breaks the ultimate. Not only does Ao phase through the wall upon casting it, it also does not throw up/banish the target hit. It still goes on cooldown dispute not affecting the target in any way.

    Here is a short video demonstrating the bug's reproducibility (Forgive the mild jab at the end )

    For the record, you don't have to be standing in between wall segments as I did in the video. That's just the easiest reproduction. In a ranked game, I was just standing next to the wall and didn't even fully phase through, but my cooldown was consumed and the enemy wasn't knocked up.
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