Good Afternoon,

Back in days i played smite quite some time, but i stopped because one moment there was a "RESET" and i thought that all accounts got deleted, because i started with level 1 account and it asked me to put character name, right in time when it joined steam. Anyway i quit the game and forgot about that, couple days ago my friend said, there never been a "RESET" and interestingly enough i managed to find my account:

How can i get my account back ?

a) I dont have access my email that it is registered (it was private email) and domain not used since 2014 i believe.

b) I still remember when i registered, town, street, country

c) i know the skins and amount spend

d) I might even tell the build i used

Wonder if you guys can help me out, I've created tickets, but as i said i no longer have access to that email and i did point out another email to contact.

PS: This account should've been same account im writing from, thats why my name is aasdasd2, KrustyVonBach was under this account, which does not make any sense...