I was playing fine today, then there was a moment when i was selecting my god in Arena and everything looked fine. When the clock reached zero, the "launching game" message appeared but nothing happened. Bounced me back to the main menu. Then i tried again, same thing. I closed the game and relaunched it, and now it says i'm a deserter for 200 minutes???

Come on, how is this possible? This game has a lot of bugs, keeps resetting my profile config (ward skin, pedestal, recall skin, etc), random disconnects (logout) while playing, which i see happens to a lot of players, etc. So this game come with these bugs and i am punished for something i did not do? This is really not good. I have a really good fiber connection and no issues with it, can some admin or support help me with this? I don't want to wait 3+ hours to play because of your bugged game please. Help!