I have been watching the show Castlevania on Netflix recently and it just hit me that we have King Arthur, Merlin, and Chernobog of the "Slavic" pantheon, yet there is no Dracula. Clearly, the focus on gods has been lessened seeing as King Arthur and Merlin are in the game, so why is it that Chernobog was the character of choice when thinking about eastern European lore and not Dracula. I feel they have a similar aesthetic and there is so much material to work with. I am sure Hi-rez/Titanforge games would have very little trouble making an epic Dracula.

So, I ask again, why is Dracula still not in Smite? I hear they are making some god based on a certain African lore, that in all respect, I think very few people are actually familiar with. Dracula is basically known by everyone, so the decision to make gods like the very next one (that being unknown) over literal legends of lore baffels me.

Anyhow, Dracula, definitely a great choice for a future smite character, hoping to hear others opinions if possible.