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Thread: Let us report people or downvote them for lack of teamwork

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    Let us report people or downvote them for lack of teamwork

    I play guardian and gladly build defensive and sacrifice myself for the team. Tho anytime my bro and i play joust we get noobs from console who love to dive despite us asking them nicely for them to wait for us, and just feed all game. Then they just watch and let us die all game and its just not fun and ruins the hour or 2 we dedicate to playing this game. And when you lose you get little rewards so it makes for a miserable experience. Since i started playing this game matchmaking has always been trash. So please at least just let us choose whom we never play with again or actually add report functions and take the reports you receive seriously.....tho something tells me hirez never reads their forums or feedback.

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    Ammm, that hate about console players its just dumb, idk why people still saying that kind of no sense hate, btw im agree with the option of report people by be trolls, i mean, literally there is no option to report someone cuz they are trolls, and that happends a lot on joust, i cant play anymore cuz its full or trolls.

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